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Darren Almond and Jacob Kirkegaard: Beyond the Arctic Void

One works under the ice with sound, the other over it with images - yet they both share similar observations.

Watch it here.

Bill Viola: The Tone of Being

Viola talks about the importance of sound in his work and a constant, invisible sound; a kind of sound of nothing.

Watch it here.

Justin Boyd: Sound and Time

Justin Boyd shares his connection with sound and how he uses it to create original works of art by capturing field recordings for integration with found objects.

Watch it here.

Inception: Slowing Down Edith Piaf

It's easy to recognise the use of Edith Piaf's "Non, je ne regrette rien" in Inception. Or is it? Perhaps it plays more of a role in the film score than you think?

Find out more here.

A Slow Journey to the Jurassic Park Island

Why not spend your lunch hour listen to the music of Jurassic Park slowed down by 1000% to a beautiful, hypnotic ambient piece?

Sadly, this sonically beautiful video seems to have been removed from the internet. If we find it, we'll get it back for you as soon as we can!

Or, if you find it, please let us know at:


Dr Who: Stretching Time from 1963

One hour too long for you? The Radiophonic Workshop's theme from Dr Who has not escaped the current trend and has been stretch to a bite-sized twenty minutes for your listening pleasure.

Listen here

Nicolas Bernier: Frequencies

A sound performance combining the sound of mechanically triggered tuning forks with pure digital soundwaves.

Watch it here

Zimoun : 329 prepared dc-motors

A new installation inside an abandoned toluene tank in Dottikon, Switzerland. The permanent installation uses 329 of the artist’s trademark prepared dc-motors and cotton balls.

Watch it here.

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